Verify Endpoint

Please Note

These documents contain information for all versions of the Verify Endpoint. There are currently 3 versions, all of which are supported. For information about the most recent Verify endpoint, see Server-Side Instructions


Documentation and URL Last Product Update
Verify Endpoint v1.0 Feb 21, 2019
Verify Endpoint v2.0

July 17, 2019

Verify Endpoint v3.0 May 27, 2020


How Can I Tell Which Version is Being Used?

Look at the call to the verify endpoint in your code. For example:

The v3 in this example shows that version 3 is being used. The number corresponds to the version - so v1 is version 1, v2 is version 2.
You will be told which version to use when you set up your Arkose Labs Platform integration.

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