Enforcement Challenge Styling Guide

Overview of Styling Process

The styling process is initiated when a customer requests visual updates to their enforcement challenge. These requests are submitted to your Technical Account Manager, then processed by the Product team.

Styling Process





Kick-off Meeting (Customer | TAM | Product Specialist)

Arkose Labs

Customer submits styling request with TAM ( Customer Request Tracker | Mock(s) | Assets & Fonts | Need by date)



Scope defined; Release date confirmed

Arkose Labs

Arkose designers execute updates

Arkose Labs


Test link provided to customer for approval

Arkose Labs

Customer sign off


Establish deployment window

Customer / Arkose Labs

Styling applied and tested during established deployment window

Arkose Labs


Customer validates styling updates, provides feedback / approval


Project closed

Arkose Labs

To begin a styling project the following items are required

  • Kick-off Meeting - Scheduled by Arkose

    • The purpose of the kick off call is to go over what the styling process looks like as well as discuss any design changes that the customer is interested in. The outcome of kick-offs is alignment on process, timing, and scope of request

    • A Kick-off is only held for first time styling requests or major redesigns. If a small update, only a mock and customer request template is needed to initiate the process.

  • Mock or working design files - Provided by Customer

    • Designers working on the customized styles will need read-only access to an inspect tool (Sketch, Figma, XD, Zeplin, Invision etc.) in order to accurately modify to the desired specifics. Without access to inspect tools, certain adjustments (element size, border width, padding and element margins, etc. ) are difficult to gauge with pixel accuracy.

    • With the submission of the mock please include all accompanying assets and non-native font files.

  • Completed Customer Request Tracker - Filled out by Customer

    • A ‘Customer Request Template’ should be submitted to initiate an enforcement challenge style update. The purpose of this document is to capture all design updates from the customer perspective to ensure the customer and Arkose are fully aligned on the request. This document is a granular breakdown of the specific updates designed within the accompanying mock/design files provided by the customer. Please see example below


Enforcement Challenge Style Guide

  • The ‘Enforcement Challenge Style Guide’ provides an overview of styling options, capabilities and accessibility guidelines supported by Arkose Labs. The purpose of this document is to guide customers through how to structure desired design updates.


EC Design Base Files

  • To help provide a starting point for the design process we suggest using the ‘EC Design Base Files’ downloadable below. These files can be pulled into your design software of choice and used as a guide to build out your design specifications; all screenshots have been sized to reflect the proper proportions.

Arkose EC Design Base Fi…

Enforcement Challenge Lookbook

  • The EC lookbook provides examples of customized enforcement challenge screens. The designs shown are not a full representation customization capabilities; Arkose can support any request that fits within the parameters described in the Enforcement Challenge Style Guide. 

Enforcement Challenge - …

Customer Request Tracker

  • A ‘Customer Request Tracker” is a granular breakdown of the specific updates designed within the accompanying mock/design files provided by the customer. 

Customer Styling Request…

Work-back Schedule

  • Upon kick off of a styling project, a work-back schedule will be provided to give a general overview of the timeline. The schedule will be created by Arkose and approved by the customer to ensure both parties are aligned.

Styling Process Work-Bac…

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