Private Key Rotation


In certain circumstances, you will need to change the private key for the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform (Arkose Labs Platform). Arkose Labs has a method of painlessly rotating the private key.

The Private Key Rotation feature works by creating a second private key and mapping it to your public key. For a configurable period of time your public key will have 2 private keys mapped to it. This will give you time to amend the private keys in your applications. The older private key will expire at the end of the time period specified. After the expiry date, the old private key will not work, and any transactions that use it will fail.

How To Rotate your Private Key

  1. Contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to request a private key rotation. You will have to agree a date and time on which the current private key will expire. Time can be specified to minute level granularity.

  2. Your TAM will initiate the key rotation process with the agreed date parameters.

  3. Your new private key will be made available in the Arkose Labs Customer Dashboard.

  4. You must update the private keys in your application before the expiry date.

Decisions to Make Before Calling your TAM

The main decision you will have to make is when you want the old private key to expire. The choice is between some time in the future, and immediately.

Future Expiry

The old private key can be set to expire at a future date. You need to decide how long you need to update your applications before the old private key expires, and let your TAM know.

Immediate Expiry

The old private key can be expired immediately. We expect this option to be only used on rare occasions like a breach.

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