How To Create a Zendesk Ticket

There are three ways you can create a Zendesk ticket:

  1. Log in to the Arkose Labs Support Portal and create a ticket.
    Click + Add on the top left of the page.
    Click on Ticket:

    Complete the fields on the New Ticket page.
    This is the preferred method as this allows you to set a priority on the ticket, and triggers our Service Level Agreements.

  2. Use the Zendesk integration with Slack.
    Click the More Actions ellipses in the pop up menu on the top right of any Slack message:

    Click Create a Ticket Zendesk in the drop down. This will trigger a pop-up in Slack where you can edit the details of the ticket:

    Be aware that tickets created this way are set as Priority 3 by default.

  3. Email This will create a ticket with your email title and message, which will be set as Priority 3 by default.

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