Enforcement Challenge Intro Screen


Arkose Labs has been asked by some customers whether we need to have the Intro Screen with the Verify button in our Enforcement Challenge. This document will explain why the Intro Screen is there, and what it does.

What Does the Intro Screen Do?

The Intro Screen indicates the start of the challenge. Our testing has shown that the challenge is accepted and completed more consistently with the Intro Screen shown before the puzzle. The testing indicated that the Intro Screen primes the user and lets them know why they are being asked to solve a puzzle.

If the Intro Screen was omitted, the message why the users are being asked to solve a puzzle would have to be on the Challenge Screen. This would lead to an overloaded, complex-looking screen which would provide a poor user experience.

The separation of purpose and game instructions results in a better user experience, as shown by the tests mentioned above.

Fingerprinting and Defense

One of the first tasks of the Intro Screen is to stop the casual attacker from getting as far as seeing a puzzle. The Verify button requires interaction, so poorly constructed bots are slowed down at first.

The use of the Intro Screen gives us information about the user, such as how long it took for them to click Verify and whether they followed through with the challenge. In Arkose Labs' processes, more interaction means more information.

Features such as Timed Mode, which is used as a defense mechanism, rely on the user clicking Verify to kick off timers and other behind-the-scenes processes. Without the Intro Screen, some features will not have a launch point.


The Intro Screen is a fundamental part of the Arkose Labs Enforcement Challenge. It provides structure to the user experience and has an impact on user puzzle completion. The Intro Screen also provides a launch point for other Arkose Labs features that are used to protect customer sites. For these reasons the Intro Screen can not be removed or skipped.

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