Getting Started


The Arkose Labs Fraud Detection and Prevention Platform supports a number of platforms for client-side processing.

Server-side processing is similar for all platforms.

To get up and running, choose which client-side set up guide you need to follow. You may have to do more than one, depending on your application.

Next, follow the server-side instructions.


Which Client-Side Set Up Should I Use?

For web environments use Standard Setup.

For iOS implementations use iOS Native Setup.

For Android implementations use Android Native Setup.

To use inline integration, follow the instructions in the Inline Integration Guide.

Remember that you will have to follow the client-side instructions for each of your platforms.

The Arkose Labs Fraud Detection and Prevention Platform does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.


Server-Side Instructions

All the implementations above must also follow the Server-Side Instructions


No JavaScript

If you use an older browser or your implementation does not support JavaScript, use Non-JavaScript Support.

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