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Over the past few years China has become one of the largest online populations with over 989 million connected to the internet in China, resulting in a fast-growing market opportunity for all online businesses. However, addressing this market can be difficult with regulatory requirements, malicious attacks and Internet infrastructure challenges. 

China’s network, infrastructure complexities and regulatory requirements make it difficult for businesses to deliver a great user experience in China. To help customers overcome these hurdles Arkose Labs has seamlessly extended its global solutions into China. Customers using Arkose Labs China solutions have significantly reduced latency by more than half and improved overall availability by over 30%.

The AWS China solution has been created so that:

  • Customers with users accessing servers inside China can access the AWS China solution
  • Customers with users accessing servers outside China continue using the Rest of World solution.

See Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform in China for more information.


Getting Started


To use the Arkose Labs AWS China solution you will have to get Arkose Labs Keys specific for China and  use a China domain name. Arkose Labs will have two domains and two sets of keys:

  • for users in China with keys provisioned for the AWS China domain
  • for users in the rest of the world (RoW) with keys provisioned for RoW

Base the region used to handle a user's request on which domain is used by the customer to load the challenge in their own flow. 

Setting up your Keys

All public and private keys used in the China domain must be unique to that domain. Please ask your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to set up a public/private key pair for use only in the China domain.

Setting up your Domains

To use the AWS China domain for your Chinese users, you must do the following:

  • Implement conditional routing to the or domains based on whether a user is to be served by the RoW deployment or the Chinese deployment.
  • Use custom domains for both <customer> and <customer> 
  • Notify your Arkose Labs TAM if you are planning to use anything other than client-api, <customer>-api, <customer>-verify or verify-api for the custom subdomains.

There will be no functional difference between China and RoW services for the EC product from a user perspective.


All analytics data will be sent to a central region outside of China to be viewed and managed by Arkose Labs' Security Operations Centre (SOC) team. The transfer of data will happen asynchronously to the users' sessions so that there is no additional impact on users.

Real Time Logging (RTL) is not supported. Please contact your TAM if you have questions.

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