Arkose Labs/Xbox Integration


Xbox controller functionality can be integrated into the Arkose Labs Fraud and Abuse Prevention Platform (Arkose Labs Platform).

Integration Instructions

The EC must be embedded in a web browser, such as the UWP WebView if the app is built on that platform .

In your application, use a structure that allows you to identify when an Xbox is in use. When you identify an Xbox, use the loaded_callback function arkoseEnforcement.enableDirectionalInput when you instantiate an Arkose Labs Enforcement Challenge(EC), as shown in the code sample below.

const arkoseEnforcement = new ArkoseEnforcement({
				public_key: publicKey,
				target_html: "CAPTCHA",
				callback: function() {
					// Callback
				loaded_callback: function() {
					// Ensure that you only run enableDirectionalInput when used on xbox

The arkoseEnforcement.enableDirectionalInput function allows directional instructions from the Xbox controller to be used to interact with the EC.

Further Help

If you need more help with Xbox controller functionality, contact your Technical Account Manager.

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